What men want when they turn to female escorts


Escorts are becoming more and more popular in Istanbul. Let’s find out where this popularity comes from and why men like escorts so much.

Need for company

Men who seek escort services are usually wealthy, status, successful and very busy. They don’t have free time for permanent relationships, not everyone has a wife, and loneliness can get to anyone. Gentlemen really need the company of girls to have dinner with, have a good time or go on vacation.

Of course, for this purpose they can find any girl on the dating site and not to spend on the services of escorts. But do not forget that these people are rich and status. They do not want to take risks, are used to getting the best, and therefore luxury escortesses are the perfect option for such dates without obligations. These girls are already trained in everything, they know what to do, and they look appropriate. Using escort services for rich men is sometimes much safer in terms of anonymity than looking for companions in untested places.

Receptions, meetings, social gatherings 

Sometimes a man by status or position must attend various serious events. As a rule, they are not accepted to come alone. If a businessman or an official does not have a permanent partner, an escort will help to solve this problem. And the workers of the leisure sector are ideally suited for this. They have a luxurious appearance, there are outfits for different formats of events, they are familiar with the rules of etiquette, as well as quite educated to support easy small talk. This is what clients are willing to pay a lot of money for, as the first girl from the dating site will not fit such a serious list of requirements.

It is important for clients to maintain the level of their reputation, look decent and surround themselves with girls who fit the status. This is what the services of escorting customers to events were invented for.

Communication is an important part of life

Every person needs communication. It is necessary even workaholic businessmen, real oligarchs and eternally busy deputies. The desire to discuss interesting topics, the situation in the country or just chat about nothing – this is another male need, which escorts are able to fully satisfy.

Agree, well not to look for people for him to socialize in a hobby group? It is much easier to meet with a beautiful escortess and spend a pleasant time in the company of a charming companion, who plus everything will be a pleasant conversationalist. It is for this purpose that girls must constantly develop, expand their horizons and scrutinize the information about the client. The meeting will be much more successful for an enthusiastic conversation than in awkward silence.

Lively emotions

Rich men with status and power often face the problem that all the people around them behave hypocritically and falsely, because they are afraid of trouble and try to please. They encounter “live” and genuine emotions less and less often. For this purpose, many of them turn to escort services to spend time in the company of a girl who will not fawn and pretend.

In such a situation, you should be careful not to treat a man simply as a source of income, if he needs specifically in live communication. Don’t try to artificially put on a smile and try your best to be nice. It is better just behave naturally: raise interesting topics for conversation, make jokes, do not hide emotions, laugh at the top of your voice, do funny and silly things. Oligarchs love such girls, who do not push themselves into any framework and do not perceive escorting just as a job.

Caress, care, tenderness 

A lonely man has nowhere to take these real emotions, if he does not have a favorite woman. An escort can easily help him in this, as it is part of her job. It is no secret that one of the conditions for hiring in the leisure industry is to demonstrate love for the opposite sex, regardless of their appearance, age and nature of the activity. Escortesses must be able to treat any client well and with tenderness so that gentlemen who are starved for female attention can get what they want. For this they are ready not only to pay, but also to pamper especially diligent girls with gifts and generous tips.

Support and inspiration

If a man does not have a source of motivation and inspiration, he will do nothing. Surprisingly, but women have a huge power Escort model in poolenad representatives of the stronger sex. Even just warm words and reverent attitude act on customers in a magical way. Support from a beautiful and pleasant girl for any businessman or millionaire is like a breath of fresh air, like some kind of energy charge. Since time immemorial, ladies have been muses for cavaliers. For the sake of a woman’s smile or a kiss, knights and gentlemen were ready to do anything.


Why would a single man prefer to visit escorts than have a relationship with a woman who is sexually attracted to him?

Escorts are girls with whom a man can go to dinner, to the cinema, to a meeting or a hangout. The girl is close to you, she is ready to listen to the man’s problems, laugh at his jokes, admire him, she will not burden you with her problems. If a man feels lonely and needs a woman’s attention or accompaniment, he should choose a female escort.

Why do men want the girlfriend experience?

Many men want a woman to listen to them, touch them, hug them. Men also need to feel that they are cared for and taken care of. An escort may also be needed if a man does not have time for a girl, is shy or insecure around women.

What does a man desire most from a woman?

Men who seek escort services are usually wealthy, high status, successful and very busy. They do not have free time for permanent relationships, and not all of them have wives. Gentlemen really need the company of girls to have dinner with, have a good time or go on holiday.

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